The Arts of Place: City Park, Bradford Film

A short film has been created showcasing the temporary artworks, interviews with the artists and information about the programme. The film was created by Bradford based company, Shoot Productions.


Creativity and Regeneration in the New Economy

A report following the conference 'Creativity and Regeneration in the New Economy' is now available to download - Click HERE.


Launch Event: Artists' Temporary Commission Programme. 7th October 

Commission Launch

Thursday 7th October 2010

17:30 - 19:30

Impressions Gallery, Centenary Square, Bradford

Free - booking required (Drinks & Nibbles will be provided). 

Cluny MacPherson, Regional Director, Arts Council England will officially open the temporary commissions. Your chance for an exclusive chance to view the temporary commissions created by the six artists appointed through The Arts of Place programme. Click HERE to find out more about the artists and their proposals.

To book your place please e-mail or phone 01924 215550. 

To download the Artist Commission Timetable, Artwork location map and schedules for Jack Lockhart and Lucy Bergman's film showings click HERE.

Seven Streams Performances - A live research project investigating Bradford Beck by Simon Warner. Simon will be presenting episodes in the history of Bradford Beck at various locations in City Hall. Click HERE to book your free place.


The Arts of Place - Creativity and Regeneration in the New Economy

The Arts of Place – Creativity and Regeneration in the New Economy

Thursday 7 October 2010

10:00 – 17:00

National Media Museum, Pictureville, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD11NQ

Cost £30 + VAT (Refreshments & lunch provided)

In the current economic climate what  value do the arts and culture have and how can we join up culture, communities and regeneration? 

Beam brings you a national conference featuring multidisciplinary experts from the arts, culture and regeneration. We invite professionals with a passion for placemaking and an interest in creative, people-oriented solutions to come together and explore the practical value of embedding culture and creativity within regeneration in a transformed financial climate. 

This conference marks the culmination of The Arts of Place - Bradford, a creative programme of temporary commissions, events and learning designed to raise the cultural profile of Bradford’s key regeneration project - City Park, and explore the future role of the arts.


Topics & Speakers

An International Perspective on Integrating Creativity and Regeneration 

Keynote Speaker: John Newling, International Artist

Regeneration in Bradford

Barra MacRuairi, Strategic Director Department of Regeneration, Bradford Council

Now Things are Different – We Have to do Things Differently

Maggie Bolt, Director Maggie Bolt Associates & Founder of Publicartonline.  

Big Art and the Big Society

Laurie Peake, Programme Director (Public Art) Liverpool Biennial 

The Ground has Shifted

David Rudlin, Director Urbanism Environment and Design (URBED) 


You will:

Learn about and debate the realities and key drivers in regeneration in a Recession context

Explore the environmental, economic and social impact of integrating culture and creativity with regeneration 

Explore the impact of engaging communities through culture and creativity 

Hear about cultural regeneration in Bradford and the major City Park development

Contribute and share practical and inspirational ideas with multidisciplinary professionals 

To book your place please e-mail or phone 01924 215550. 

* Conference participants are also invited to attend the official launch of five temporary artist commissions in Bradford city centre from 17:30. 


PLACE Event: Thursday 15 July 2010

PLACE Event: Thursday 15 July 2010

Thursday 15 July 2010

Impressions Gallery, Centenary Square, Bradford, BD1 1SD

Topics & Speakers

Jill Kelly, Manager Public Realm Projects for Beam updated delegates on the Arts of Place programme and provided the latest information about the temporary commissions (Presentation). All artworks will be installed to coincide with the final Arts of Place symposium. More information will be available soon on the website.

Tom Walker, Associate Partner for Gillespies LLP talked to the audience about his experience of integrating Art and Regeneration. Tom talked specifically about the Darlington Pedestrian Heart development, where they commissioned artist Michael Pinsky to work with the team resulting in Life Pulse.

Gordon Young, Artist and Reg Haslam, Director of Regeneration, Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre EDC delivered a duo presentation about how Gordon Young has been integrated into the regeneration of Blackpool including Blackpool Climbing Towers and a public realm project on the Blackpool front. See Gordon’s presentation. See Reg’s presentation.

The event concluded with Planning for Unreal delivered by artist Benedict Phillips. The 'Planning for Unreal' workshop approaches place-making as a flight of fancy. It asks the participants not to fix or improve a place but to fill it with their wildest ideas, creating avenues of unreal space. The vision for Bradford generated by the participating four groups at Impressions Gallery in Bradford city centre, came together at the end with a vision, of a place unrecognisable to a normal view of cityscape.

“A city centre full of buildings with zip up sides where we travel on water slide through a world of virtual shopping where products projected on to us as we look at them. A city covered with a sky full of rainbows that generated rain drops you can eat!"

From this and many other fantasies produced by the groups we were able to see a city from a new perspective, unpicking what we cannot allow to vanished, against what we assume we must keep. It is a new and imaginative way of reconsidering how we start collaboration and a platforms for future conversation about the places we build and live.

Benedict's Website.

Next Steps

The next event will be held on Thursday 7 October 2010 at the National Media Museum “The Arts of Place – Integrating Creativity and Regeneration” This will be targeted at a national audience and will aim to explore the impact of integrating culture and creativity and regeneration with exemplar case studies both nationally and internationally.